Drive your company’s innovation and digitalization

Remove complexities with a dedicated team to plan, implement & secure funding for your strategic corporate projects End-to-End.

We provide End-to-End support in securing Government and external co-funding & grants


  • Grant-fit analysis
  • Project proposal preparation support
  • Substantiating follow-up clarifications


  • Offer T&C review
  • Project execution management 
  • Grant compliance & procedural support​


  • KPI & Post-project reports
  • Claims administration support 
  • Reimbursement

Proven value to clients

  • Versed in over 100 types of co-funding & grants schemes in Singapore & SEA
  • Experienced in supporting clients to secure project funding support of between 40% - 90% of costs

Diverse grant support capabilities

We handled grant-supportable projects each of value from $50K to over $3 mil. Served clients of turnover from $300K to over $500 mil from a wide range of industries.

Overseas Market Expansion

We implement & secure co-funding for your Overseas Market Entry: be it for physical setup, business development, test-bedding & pilots, attain certifications or strategic branding/marketing.

New Product R&D and Commercialization

We plan, implement & secure co-funding for your company to Research, Develop & Commercialise new, innovative products for business diversification and creation of new revenue streams. 

Automation & Digitization

We implement & secure co-funding for your Enterprise Software and Automation Technologies projects, increasing operational efficiencies and enabling the scaling of your business.

Strategic Hiring

We implement & secure co-funding support for recruitment & industry-accredited training sourcing for your newly-hired team-members & interns, putting them in better stead to lead or support new business initiatives.

Other Corporate Initiatives to Transform your Business

We plan, implement & secure co-funding for other types of corporate projects that will significantly impact on your business. Leverage our team's diverse skillsets and experience to de-risk and succeed.

Highlighted client

We were engaged by DBS Innovation Group for innovation and grant consultation, advisory, and management service. This covers grants with the total value of over $9 million for the Bank’s strategic projects in the areas of digitalization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity, staff training, and many others.

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